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Tobago Nov 2006 - Birds

Turtle Beach Hotel

I was very pleasantly surprised to see just how many different species of birds inhabit the grounds of the hotel. Put out a few crumbs and it's only a few minutes before you've got ten or more hungry visitors. The most common bird around the grounds was the Carib Grackle, similar to the uk's Blackbird.

Carib Grackle

Leave your rum punch unguarded for a minute and the alcoholic Bananaquit's would drop in for their afternoon drink. They're easily spotted by their bright yellow breasts.


Blue-Gray Tanager

Three different species of Tanager inhabit the gardens. The most common being the Blue-Grey Tanager. The Palm Tanager and the White-lined Tanager were rather more timid, but did drop in every now and then.

Palm Tanager

White-lined Tanager

Arnos Vale Hotel

A great place to sit and watch the birds is up at the Arnos Vale Hotel at feeding time (it was 16:00 when we were there). They have several different feeding stations and as they've been feeding the birds for many years now they attract a lot of birds.

Copper-rumped Hummingbird

These Copper-rumped Hummingbirds move so fast in flight that it's very difficult to get a good photograph. I was fortunate enough to see one sit and pose for me.

Mot Mot

The Mot Mot is one of the more colourful birds around. I saw quite a few of these up in the rain forest.

Red-crowned Woodpecker

The Red-crowned Woodpecker prefers to attack lunch from underneath it!